We are Crossbreed Haunted Productions and here is a little introduction to let you know what we are about. We are a small company from New Jersey that got our start like any other company in the haunted attraction industry. It starts with a love and a passion for halloween, a love so strong that we wanted to create and contribute to the industry we love so much. 


   When you look out in todays society quality is put on the back burner. Its all about how they can make something cheap that consumers will still buy. That is not the case at Crossbreed Haunted Productions we are dedicated to producing only quality hand made props that we ourselves would buy if we were the customer. We understand that you have more important things to worry about;then if a prop you are purchasing is going to hold up during and after the haunt season. That is why we do the worrying for you and make sure each of our props are sturdy and well made down to the last screw, nut and or bolt.                   



      The  creator of  Crossbreed Haunted Productions is Chris Thomas who has a true eye for the dark arts and a passion for taking a glimmer of an idea, thought or dream to reality. From the darkest corners of the mind the creatures are born. He is a man of many titles creator  sculptor, molder, fabricator, painter, and graphic designer. 


 This is Casey Crawford the woman behind the man aka my right hand, partner in crime, the person who keeps me sane amongst all the insanity. She has been there from the start when Crossbreed Haunted Productions was just a thought and through what it has become now. She is a woman of many titles creative consultant, molder, fabricator painter, and social media.    







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