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Skin Dress w/ Skin Mask

Skin Dress Only $275

Skin Mask Only $40


Skin Dress/Skin Mask Combo $300


Skined Face Mirror $40



Pregnancy Gown w/ Mutant Baby





Defiled Nurse Dress w/ Defiled Nurse Mask

Defiled Nurse Dress Only $250

Defiled Nurse Mask Only $60


Defiled Nurse Dress/Defiled Nurse Mask Combo $300



Red Rotting Hood

Includes Mask,Shroud,Under Garment,Bone Basket and Heart 



Bone Basket Only $75

Mask Only $40



Skin Jacket w/Necro Doctor  Mask

Jacket Only $300

Necro Doctor Mask Only $50


Skin Jacket Mask Combo $325






Includes mask ,shroud, and fuctioning latern


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